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365 Goodness Abounds

Radiant Souls Collide for a Bestseller

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A sacred encounter with a beautiful Soul & New Divine Direction

sparked by my Co-Author.

The concept that every single Being on earth is an Angel, might be hard for some to understand. Fortunately, through my own journey back into my heart I discovered that those people who trigger or challenge our selves are sent from the Universe to assist us to grow and evolve. We are born into life and come through to experience various states of spiritual amnesia. There are many souls now being born fully awake, but for most of us, we had and have amnesia to some degree. I'm very grateful to have been connected to my Angelic team throughout my life. Although I did shut down my gifts and talents, due to society & family programming.

Yet those beautiful Beings who highlighted the spaces and places I felt unaligned, lost or not feeling peaceful from within, they were my catalysts for seeking and pivoting to find myself, my true self. I was connected for most of my young adulthood, I had a great life, lots of friends and social life; awesome amazing joyful and fun jobs. I was completely looked after very well. Back then I had no understanding of Law of Attraction or vibrations or any of that. I did have a high intuitive guidance that helped me. Looking back, I kinda had a golden touch....unfortunately I didn't even know it.
Then collective global unsteadiness knocked me off my feet. In an instant, everything changed the world and me. I was on the brink of a lifelong dream to travel to exotic places and meet up with my overseas friends. I had all the tickets booked ready to go, handed in my resignation at work. Then the world shook, and overseas travel was out of the question. My vibe dropped, my smile dropped. But I picked myself up and went in a different direction. This direction also included engaging in a relationship that was not for me. Intuitively my angels screamed at me in many different ways, and my body reacted badly.

Against all the signs..... I continued....and had a baby boy. I decided to raise him alone, I was strong and confident I could do this. I had lots of support and love around me. Then when bub was born, his dad decided he wanted to be a family.......the Relationship was never good. And we had two more babies. And still, our relationship was always sour, both of us staying for the kids sake, and ruining each other in the process. I spent many many nights screaming at the stars and God asking for help. I was a shadow of the smiling happy girl I used to be and had long since shut out my friends due to shame. I could not show them the situation I had put myself into. I couldn't get out or change. And he would come back each time I kicked him out. He just was not the person for me, chalk and cheese. Goodie two shoes, a works-horse career girl who never sweared or willingly hurt anyone and bad boy drug dealer, who never had grown up and got frills from rubbing people up the wrong way. All my childhood programming, low self-worth and self-esteem reared its ugly head. AND I was eroded, lost, embracing the young babies and loving them, making them my life and world. I ran into an old colleague, our eyes met and i smiled, but i quickly keep going, as I didn't want him to see the pain in my eyes. I had become someone so different to the vibrant, happy open person, he knew, the one who would take charge at work and still be ready for mischief and fun. I had a healthy life balance, in working very hard and playing very hard and ready to experience everything with a adventurous heart.

I wasn't me anymore...I was just mum. And the tears continued....
FINALLY God, Source, Universe answered my prayers and sent an Angel, I knew him....he was from Home. In fact I remembered him from other past lives (yes I believe in that).
After a while, I sent him away......and in came my children's dad, again creating havoc.
But he hit a boundary that made me wake from my sleep. I left. With him claiming that I was the most loving person he had ever met (was that a way to get me back or a precursor to my journey into the heart?
Today I stand, aware and awake. These people who trigger our deepest wounds, are in fact angels in disguise. Forgiveness is the greatest medicine you can take for your own heart and soul. This man who is my children's Dad, was a Being who hit all my deep buttons and messed my core, and his behaviour really gave me my purpose. I have done a lot of work on this relationship, I truly can say, he was an Angel in disguise. I actually have a deep love for him. In truth, I cannot continue my journey with him, but I do love him. He helped me on my path of Self Love, back to me. I Am that I Am. IAM Divine Love. I Am Universe's vessel/instrument
If we can heal these wounds within us, there is great joy on the other side. It's an opportunity for self-growth and empowerment, and ultimately to fall into unconditional love. Self-love, loving and knowing thy true self. Returning to your heartbeat of Source.
These Angels also show us what we don't want, or how we don't want to live our life.
We have a choice to distance our self from those we don't want to be around and also accept and love them at the same time.
I honour the journey and Beings that help us choose our own self and why we came into Being and living on earth.

I honour the Angel who really made me wake up, and continues to hold out his Angelic Human hand, each time I stumble. The Angel who I write about in my chapter "The Universe Sends Nothing but Angels". He showed me that whilst I truly believed I was beyond broken, that I had an innate gnostic heart. Slowly I return to my heart. Each day I'm falling deeper into filling my life with joyful pursuits. Im finding that generous playful me again, dancing and singing, the one who loved life as an adventure. AND LOVE.

All we truly are is LOVE, we are gifts to each other, to play in this Earthy playground and share our hearts and souls. Our true beauty resides within.
Each encounter is a sacred. Im still on my journey.
The opportunity to share my story and messages in this book "365 Goodness Abounds" has been a great privilege.
Coincidently just before we launched, life directed me to a complete reshuffle, handing me a blank canvas for my life. To start over. From scratch. I spent a few days shut away searching my heart, unpacking my soul. Exploring brand new options to use my life, bringing my complete essence, love and messages to the world, desires of my heart, no matter how bizarre. To come from a space of love and place my unique stamp, in this life, as this embodiment of I.
I wrote down a lot, including- hosting my own radio/podcast/interview platform, a healing sanctuary for people to connect with their hearts via horses, a temple of empowerment venue- for others to gather and share their talents, doing interviews and connecting with others via my voice.
Universe delivered beautiful Bevan, at the divine time. I was interviewed by him for this book. AND ironically, authentically truly walking my message, {I thought we were having a chat about setting up an interview} it rolled into an interview that was amazing, including myself with no masks or pretenses, fully showing up, no makeup and wet hair to complete the scene. So aligned with one of my messages that beauty is within, miracles and magic of life starts within.
AND he suggested, after hearing my inspiration to host my own show to interview him. So I interviewed for the first time and felt ok.My interview debut, igniting so fun from within.
On both sides, as interviewee and interviewer, it felt great, sparking a brand new interest in my essence's expression.
Beven, among other things, hosts Soul 2 Soul Talks to inspire and encourage people to live their dreams and BE their True Soul Self.

"That which we often search for is within us all along. We have only to look" By jolly, it was a rough ride, lets awaken them quickly


Thank you, Beven, another Angel.
Thank you, co-authors, omg there's so many to mention, but you know who you are.
And JODI & DAN. <3 <3 <3
AND a special mention for my Angel Matt, a facilitator of Transformation, the inspiration behind this chapter I offer to the world about how ANYONE can transform from within and through sacred encounters, lifting each other up.

"That which we often search for is within us all along. We have only to look" By jolly, it was a rough ride, lets awaken them quickly


Let Joy Be your guide!

And an energy exercise to support your creation time Activate your sacral chakra with LOVE! <3

FUN!! Muaha-ha-ha-ha!

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