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40 Days

Vibration of Gratitude & Self Love

Awaken & Align

New Me- My blank Canvas

Day 1

26th November 2017

My Gratitude & Self Love day one starts with a beautiful gratitude meditation from my fave mentor.

Followed by a dip in the magical ocean and amazing waves.

After a blissful shot shower, I treated my kids and I to a special breaky. And a slow morning


Day 2

27th November 2017

Today i hit a flood of tears in the name of love and Gratitude. To get to that space, was magical and beautiful

Im grateful for other who have different skills and personalities. i so grateful to be alive with some many different Beings

Im grateful for teachers and mentors, who are there through the bad times, the good times. AND See all of me

I am blessed to have choice and freedom to live my life the way i want, and i get to express and create from my heart and soul


Day 3

28th November 2017

I am blessed to live in such a great place, with people who are friendly and kind.

I am blessed to have great neighbours

im grateful to my unseen team of angels, who always are there and look after me in love and support

Day 4

29th November 2017

Im grateful to my body today. I got to have a blissful swim in the ocean, it felt so amax=zing to be experiencing the water and sun on my body. My body also had an amazing workout in the evening, playing with Hot Pilates.

Im grateful to be able to drive along the country roads where I live and have freedom and music

I am blessed to have a community that provides awesome activities for families and children 

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