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Barefoot + Free- Thank you for breaking me

Ditch the rules Transform your life into Abundance, Joy + Passion

SPIRIT U Formula.

Self Love + Soul

Passion + Purpose

Innovation + Impulse

Radiance + Revolution

Intuitive +

Trust + Treasures

Universal Upliftment + Unity

One of the deepest journeys you can ever take during your life is that of Self Love. It can lead you to examine intimate parts of your soul, beyond the surface of normal routines of life. The quest leads you on a spiralling journey towards becoming your very own best friend, encouraging you to love all aspects of yourself so you can know and BE love at a deeper level. Too many people forget to live their Own lives for themselves, their own learnings and education. basically reliving and repeating their parents and their ancestors lives. Before we are born into the world we sit down with our support teams outlining lessons, experiences and growth we would like to go through. Upon birth all is forgotten and often the soul contracts we make with parents and others change. In each moment we a re given many chances and they impact upon us and so many others. Usually we cannot see the impact upon so many others, but ti trickles down from your choices into others. Humanity is evolving in a place where we will all live from our hearts, with the most important key being Self Love, where we can and will carry out and experience our own souls learnings rather than living in default, programmed by others. Most people if they are lucky will live half their lives with other peoples programming and be able to shift it, but many also will not be aware of that opportunity to do so.

SOLAR PELXUS- Ignite and Reclaim your life ACTIVATION

Rainbow Goddess Flame
Appearance: Shimmering semi-transparent Rainbow light which combines all of the first 7 Ray colours. Qualities: Similar to Diamond Ray with a focus on our 3rd-5th dimensional physical bodies.


Imagine the Earth is a big playground, built by the Creator for You to enjoy abd dance in, experiencing the sweet nectar of being alive and in the moment. Today will not be the same as tomorrow and you will have the freedom to live your life for You, without limits or boundaries. Before you were born the opportunity was oresented to you as an amazing journey of fun, joy and adventure. But the reality was that, yes you were still connected to your Divine Self, yet by sheer miracle you were born into a world that changed you. Negotiaiting your early years you looked to your parents and strangers to find out what the world was all about. Taking on these filters and beliefs and patterns set you up for a journey of discovery. Its no accident you are here now. You are ready to strip away all your filters, ready to embark on a whole new adventure. Tearing down all outside infuleneces that have shaped your life. Vacuming and transmuting everything that was gifted and handed to you by others, so you can finally start

Sacral Chakra- Activation

Gold Goddess Flame
Appearance: Gold colour similar to a bright Citrine gemstone.

Qualities: Eternal Peace, Illumined Truth, Inner Vision, Dedication, Opulence.

Innovation + Impulse

The human race as a whole has evolved rapidly and will continue to do so at an even greater pace. Innovations of all lands have made life more interesting, simple and complicated. Our truest form of essence is as Creators, we come here with nothing and leave with nothing. We come to create, create , create and play. We forgot. We came to experiment and play and learn, but somehow it all got out of control becoming unaligned with the Divine Plan. The next phase of human evolution could look like us coming and going freely from Earth as we wish. Coming to create and have fun, returning to the Kingdom at will, and all in the name of Love. Maybe you have experienced this when at times you have many creative or inventive urges pulsating through you, only for another person to bring the concept to life quicker than you could. We are all tuned into the Universal Mind of One, those who are tuned in to receiving messages will receive them and its up to us to action them. But that does rule out having the same idea repeated because ultimately You are unique. You have a gift that only you can give to the world.

Lets plant some seeds in your heart. Is their an urge to create something right now or something you have always want to create or invent?

Root Chakra- Grounding into Earth Activation

Ruby Goddess Flame
Qualities: Divine Grace, Devotional Worship, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Peace.

Radiance + Revolution

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The greatest gift we have been blessed with is our intuition. And if there is one major lesson I would give to the world it would BE, definitely to follow your heart, follow your intuitive urges and nudges. You see, I used to think I was too 'woo' by having a connection with Angelic Beings, unseen Beings that were around me. My body also used to give me signs and messages. All around me others did not do this and they though me odd and criticised and ridiculed me to have such gifts. Being told over and over that it was wrong and weird. Which of course meant I hide my gifts and shut them all down. I also had the ability to tune into or feel other peoples energies on a higher level, some call this empathic abilities. I once felt my mother who was half way across the world in trouble with her health and was able to see some of the happenings. I saw her in a bathroom and collapsed. I told my siblings that mum was in trouble and something had happened. They laughed at me and put me down.Well later I was waiting for her to return home with her sisters, their husbands and my dad, but mum and dad did not return as expected She had been admitted to hospital whilst on holidays.

Intuitive Third Eye Activation: Diamond Goddess Flame
Appearance: Transparent light with all colours flashing within.

Qualities: Complete Perfection and Integration of all 12 Rays, Godhead, Nirvana.

TRUST and Treasures


Golden Goddess Flame
Appearance: Shimmering semi-transparent metallic Gold.

Qualities: Highest aspect of the Divine Father -- Christ Consciousness.

Universal Upliftment + Unity

Silver Goddess Flame
Appearance: Shimmering semi-transparent Silver/Platinum light. Qualities: Highest aspect of the Divine Mother Consciousness

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