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Goddess Flames


7 Divine Keys for Healing the Feminine Heart

Transform your life into Abundance, Joy & Passion

Emerald Green Flame- Self Healing, Physical Creations, Abundance & Prosperity, Humanitarianism

The Emerald Flame governs the heart.. The most powerful centre of our physical Body Temple. The heart is even more powerful than our mind. Heart cohesion, joy & desires of our hearts is the Key to our own personal power centre Its a place that many of us disregard in favour of the mind and our Egos.

Within this flame we can dive into the basis of a solid foundation that will enable us to create a life and lifestyle that we adore and realise our own essence to share with the world. Self Love is a powerful thing, undoubtedly you have heard this many many times throughout your journey in life. Underneath all this there are many layers, self respect, self trust, self esteem.

Many of us have many lessons and learnings on our journey, embodying and soaking up our ancestors and parents beliefs, patterns and behaviours.

Heart Medicine- Your heart may have many wounds and pains, from a broken relationship through to rejection or abandonment by others or self. The greatest gift you can give to your self and another is Forgiveness, we are all living our lives the best we can, to love another is to love yourself, pardoning both from the dance of life and playing the game of being human. Our Souls had a plan before incarnation to learn and grow and play and create a life we love.

Emerald Flame- Radical Divine Alignment. Green Diamond Holy Flame

The Emerald Green Flame works with Physical healing, prosperity and Abundance, Radiant & Vibrant Health and Zest for Life. Ignite passion within yourself so you can Shine like the whole Universe is all yours so you can play and Be anything you desire.

This Emerald Green Light descends from the Heart of my Father-Mother God and enters my Crown Chakra. As this Emerald Light flows down my Spinal Column, it radiates through all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into resplendent Emerald Green Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 5th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Illumined Truth, Healing, Consecration, Concentration, and Inner Vision.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother, full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”

"Tenderly Beloved Presence of God, I AM in my self. I invoke Thy Green Flame of Truth and Healing, I dedicate my life now and forever to serving of God, serving the Good, so that from now on my brain thinks only what is perfect, that my feeling remains calm, full of love, caring, ready to help and be happy, that my hands only bless and heal, that my legs be only messengers of the good, that my body be strong and willing to be an instrument of help, carrying everywhere God's Perfection.

When we seek divinity, health, happiness and abundance and if we would before that understand the meaning and power of constantly sustained attention, and then in conscious effort withdraw the attention from all phenomena in the world and anchor it in God's Presence, its return action would flood us with the fullness of everything we could desire."

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