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Winter: Rejuvenation & Miracles

I Am A Miracle: Money Honey & Goddess is Golden

July 1st 2018

The Universe has a message for you, : YOU ARE READY!

New energy is entering your life, Changes are happening for you. Things are getting better. Everything is aligning.

Blessings are coming.

Today is July 1st 2018, Smack bang in the middle of winter and someone had a smart idea to travel south to visit family for the school holidays (me!) Leaving bright warm sunny Queensland, although rather excited and happy to be embracing family visits, reality hit the moment we hopped off the train at Central Station. To start with we didn't really think too much about the change in climate nor the fact that things change in an instant. Our trip down was a welcomed adventure of all sorts, and I eagerly loved our time together. We started this day with jam and croissants and a delicious coffee for me. We even had train seat service, mmmm, bliss.

BLESSED, grateful..

Although unprepared for the culture shock, we happily arrive safe and sound and peaceful. Hopping off the train we were greeted by blistering cold weather of Sydney, we were rugged up, but not sufficient for this weather that we had left a year ago to escape. Yet here we were, and managed to have a few stumbling blocks to start, with both our phones batteries dead and no way to call the children's father to come and pick them up. After 15minutes exploring and searching for a place to plug in our phones, we stumbled on a saviour, who helped us connect to a recharge 'kiosk'...…. culture shock number one.... and discovery of $1 coffee, that was REALLY good lol.

After an hour over due of organising our pickup, and trying to guide their dad to our meeting spot ( a local, who had trouble negotiating the city streets). I embraced the little ones and placed them in their fathers hands for a week of dad-time. AND I , I went to find out how to start the next leg of my recharge time. Starting with trying to purchase a train ticket into the suburbs, shocked at the price and then shocked to discover I had no idea how to BE in the city anymore. Just a short while ago this city was all I knew and I could navigate it easily and effortlessly, and here I was blank and bewildered to discover a foreign system of being.. I was shocked to find that I did not even know how to get into the train terminal, amusing myself completely. And relieved to sit back in the warm beautiful train to take me home. I zoned out and enjoyed the ride. I felt surges of power, of energy returning to me and peeling of responsibilities washing away. falling deeper into a state of.... inner peace and allowing the world around me to now care for me, rather than me giving, giving, giving.. I hopped off the train, looked at the taxirank and bus shelter. I decided to take my brother offer of a ride home instead and called him. Usually I would show my independence and not impose on others, this time I welcomed the offer and even more welcomed the warm hot technologically advanced hot seats of his car and heater. mmmmm BLESSED again, and great chats with my bro. Arriving home I joked I would not be leaving his car for a few hours, in favour of the warm car seat. But I was welcomed with loving arms into my parents home and enjoyed the calm and familiar. I think it was mutual, but my father and I could not spend enough time together, just chatting about anything and everything. And mum, she really has been my godsend, despite all my life lessons and wounds and healing, God sent me an angel I love so much. And I entrust them both into God's care, knowing they have been amazing and pray for their souls on their journeys. So today 1st July, middle of winter, I fight exhaustion for most of the day and I succumbed for a nap around 3pm, only to wake the next morning around 10am. I hadn't realised how much I really really need to reset, rest and rejuvenate.. I always have been a very sensitive Being, empathic, picking up on other peoples energies and the world at large. For now Im resting in my own vibrations and ask my guides to embrace me. When I wake Im feeling my inner glow and love. Im at peace and harmony. I shall use the day for more rest and visit with the fam.

On this day I send Winter Blessings from the heart of God to each and every Being, creature, creation. I send up my love to Spirit.

I start a new journey with my fave Soul brother and soul group this winter into more miracles and joy and love. And this is the start of deeper Self love, Money Honey and Goddess is Golden.

I recharge my every cells into deeper cocreation with God/Goddess. I welcome love in, in the form of energy source and I fall deeper into worthiness for ALL, healing my own individual wounds and giving life into others to expand. The Universe expands into ever more love.

I am worthy, I am important and my big heart that I have kept behind high walls is ready to embrace more and more love in all ways

I am a money magnet, and prosperity of all kinds is drawn to me. Life is easy, I have an abundance of whatever I need.

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