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Witer: Rejuvenation & Miracles

I Am a Miracle: Money Honey & Golden Goddess

So I am still on retreat mode right now, and in total relax mode without the kids calling out to me every few minutes. Again, I luxuriously enjoy a sleep in. I also enjoy my parents again. Mum and I head to the shops to get mums nails done, and I just wonder around as I haven't been in a mall for a very long time. Mum treats me to lunch, I feel so amazing. I normally wouldn't stop for lunch or anything, just because, I usually don't require it. But this time I do, so I can spend some quality time with her. When we arrive home, my lovely dad has bought a teacake for afternoon tea, im totally being spoilt and im allowing and receiving as much as I can, as I relax into it. usually I cant be opened enough to sit back and receive, but I relish this time and I am open to receive. I really feel my parents love and they way they an show it. I am being myself, relaxed and I even am helping out like before. BEFORE my upheavel and push into my darktime of life. Today I surrender, im out and im back to my loving self. I accept others as they are, and I still remain as me, calm and relaxed and observant. What a journey my life unfolded as, and im still here. I am very ready for the next phase. Although im recharging right now, Im diving deeper into my inner self and KNOW, im getting ready to launch higher and more into my soul growth. Ive spent endless time with my guides with God with myself. My time is coming to shine and help others do the same. I have hid behind a broken heart , a broken spirit. Through a mass of healing and nurture and self loving, im emerging to embrace a new me, well the old me who was very in love with life and joyful, but an even more ME, full and guided, Christ Centred in love. Im a love worker. I am not a lightworker.....


I love for love, from the heart and from what is my truth. I look to no one as my rolemodel. My heart and inner being is my rolemodel. My heart got crushed over and over, broken so many times that I could not trust myself or others. TODAY that changes, I trust Me, and live my way, love my way.

I forgive others who have broken or hurt me, unconditionally and complete.

I surrender into miracle of being in a body and embrace life's offerings.

Im a miracle to BE alive. Let God guide and I will surrender. This path is for the mighty and I have not been, but I know my inner guide loves me and know the struggles to walk. In God Spirit I trust.

I give thanks that: I am now experiencing wonderful miracles of love, friendship, and prosperity! Today is full of miracles! Miracles now follow miracles and God's blessings never cease!

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