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Wnter: Rejuvenation & Miracles

I Am a Miracle: Money Honey & Golden Goddess

July 2nd 2018 .

So I slept til at least 10am the next morning, boy did I need it. My body needed a total recharge. I was dehydrated yet happy, tired yet peaceful. My sleepin was a miracle in itself. On weekends, the kids have an opportunity to sleep in and yet they usually don't, I do manage a sleepin at times, but to wake when my body wants to, well that's a miracle of a luxury. And I am so grateful to experience that. Miracles are waiting for me, smiling I am. I am a magnet for miracles. The joy of having uninterrupted sleep is the most beautiful gift I can give myself. I gifted myself the whole day to just rest and Be with my parents, just recharging and relaxing.

Im still getting over the shock of the freezing cold weather here, today is over cast and the top temperature it hits is 12 degrees. Home doesn't even get down as low as 12 at nighttime. I relaxed, read a book, watched a home renovation program with my parents. Just easy and effortlessly. Actually come to think of it just sitting down and reading my book uninterrupted and in a calm atmosphere was total bliss. Not having to worry about what the kids are up to or too much noise to even read properly. I have being wondering about my babies, but I know they will be having a good time. They probably have a lot of fun things to do.

I welcome with open arms an early night to go to sleep. Even though I woke late, after a marathon sleep, I still feel a deep need to have more. And when I woke this morning I was fully connected with my higher self. I awoke full of glowing essence and embraced in love, what an amazing way to waken to a new wonderful day. Even thoug the day was unproductive, it was very relaxing, calm and peaceful. I also got some writing done, which was very soothing for my heart. I welcome more and more miracles into my life in all ways and breath every moment that I am gifted, with joy of being alive.

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